GEOTER, in its commitment to excellence, is the official distributor of heat pumps STIEBEL ELTRON in Spain, having at your disposal the highest quality products of the most prestigious German brand in its sector.

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This range of geothermal heat pumps has the capacity to provide the home (single-family or multi-family) with heating and domestic hot water, dosing the heating power by means of a regulation system that facilitates adaptation to the demand of each moment, which means a high efficiency and performance solution for the home in which the installation of this equipment is decided.


The WPL models of STIEBEL ELTRON are aerothermal heat pumps to achieve air conditioning your home. Thanks to the wide variety of the range, can be installed inside or outside the house, whether it is a new construction or a modernization, a single-family home or large properties, there are models that even consider the possibility of being combined with other heat generators.

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The products in this range are aerothermal heat pumps that can be installed inside or outside the home and are ideal for the generation of domestic hot water, because thanks to their high efficiency allow the replacement of solar panels by this equipment to be considered as renewable energy.e


The DNM and DHM models are instantaneous hot water miniature heaters with a compact size, especially suitable for use in conditions of restricted space that allow the supply to be decentralized, with the advantage that hot water does not need to travel long distances to the point of consumption. They only consume electricity when the hot water tap is opened, making these devices ideal for consumption points that are only used occasionally.

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