Perforation is the first step in the installation, as it is where the probe and the filling material are introduced to carry out the energy exchange.

They are carried out with a machine designed for the execution of geothermal probes, which allows drilling up to 150 meters deep and introduce the probes type Double-U or Simple-u. The drilling diameter is usually around 152 mm, although this value varies depending on the probe.

The number of probes and the depth is the result of a series of calculations made during the project phase, which considers the energy demand of the building, the type of terrain, hours of operation, among other parameters, imposing conditions established by the German standard VDI 4640.

In addition to the above, it is essential to know the most appropriate drilling method. To this end, an exhaustive study of the terrain is carried out, the most common methods being rotary percussion drilling with air compression and direct circulation and sludge.

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